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A Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist for a Bride




On the wedding day all eyes are fixed on a bride. Her wedding look should be perfect and a good makeup plays a significant role in it. Let’s talk about how not to be mistaken with a choice of a makeup designer for a wedding.

A Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist for a Bride

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Wedding makeup features
First of all let’s specify some features of a professional wedding makeup:
Versatility. It should look appropriate in the morning, afternoon and evening, so a classic wedding makeup is usually a little brighter than a traditional day makeup but not so bright as an evening makeup.
Resistance. Makeup should be perfect from the very morning to the final dance of the newlyweds, to achieve that stylists use expensive professional cosmetics.
Photo and video suitability. One of the major tasks of a professional artist is to make the makeup look great not only in the real life but at photo and video shooting especially in the close-up shots. To achieve that artists use a number of techniques like special textures, careful shading and less reflective materials, etc.
Harmony. A makeup should be in harmony with the dress, hairstyle and bridal bouquet.

Wedding makeup features

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What to pay attention to when looking through the makeup artist portfolio?
We recommend starting your search of a make-up artist with reading reviews on wedding websites and portfolio reviews. The artist’s website should contain wedding makeups, the more the better. Pay attention to whether the makeups differ from each other or they are all of one type. Mark for yourself if the makeups suit the brides, whether their faces look fresh and not too overloaded with cosmetics. At the same time remember that we cannot judge the quality of a makeup and a level of an artist guided only by a photos because pictures almost always undergo a deep computer processing. As well as don’t blindly trust the reviews on the Internet. It’s just the first stage of the selection process. Let’s move forward to the second stage.

What’s a trial makeup session?

  • A few weeks before a wedding you should have a trial makeup session. It has several purposes:
  • you will be able to see the professionalism of the artist
  • you will be able to choose the most suitable type of makeup from several options
  • you will try the cosmetics used by the artist and make sure you are not allergic to that very type; it will secure you from unwanted surprises on your wedding day.


While the trial session pay attention at:

1. Brushes and other tools used by the artist. They should be clean. Responsible makeup artists take care about the safety of their clients and always keep their tools clean.
2. A make-up can be considered of a good quality:

  • if the skin tone is leveled;
  • if the makeup looks symmetrical;
  • if the skin imperfections are hidden;
  • if the eye shadows are carefully brushed;
  • if your eyes and skin feel comfortable covered with the makeup.

3. Listen to your inner feelings. Evaluate whether the image fits you. If you have any doubt be sure to share it with the artist because finding the ideal makeup for you is one of the major goals of a trial session.
4. Check how the makeup will look over some time (remember it will need to stay the same throughout the whole day).

How to prepare your face for a wedding makeup?

To make a smooth and beautiful makeup it’s recommended to take a series of preliminary actions:
A few months before the wedding: if you have serious problems with your skin consult with a good cosmetologist to correct the problems or at least minimize them for the wedding.
A few weeks before he wedding: it is recommended to make facial cleansing.
A few days before the wedding: eyebrow shaping, light pealing, moisturizing masks.
Your makeup artist will recommend you what actions to take to make your skin look beautiful and clean.

wedding makeup

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What is necessary to discuss with a make-up artist?

  1. Before the trial makeup session tell the artist what colors will be used in your wedding dress and bouquet, although a good specialist will ask you about that himself.
  2. Ask if the artist will be able to come to your home on your wedding day and tell him in advance if you are planning to leave early (sometimes makeup artists need to get up at 4-5 in the morning to catch the bride at the appointed time).
  3. Ask if he will use false eyelashes.
  4. The makeup artist should tell you what kind of lipstick to buy before your wedding to color your lips throughout the day.

A few useful tips in conclusion.

  1. Don’t experiment with the new types of cosmetics and skin care products on the wedding eve to avoid allergic reactions.
  2. Don’t forget to take mattifying tissues and a lipstick to periodically refresh your makeup.
  3. Take a good night sleep before your wedding because no cosmetics can mask a tired look and red eyes.